9.20.19 - Reconciled Reconcilers

The sins and mistakes of the past and present are many. But the grace and love of God is more. There is hope for us to live as reconciled reconcilers.

9.12.19 - sons like plants, daughters like pillars

Our cultural stereotypes and mores do not exhaust the goodness or vision that God has entrusted in our sexed bodies.

8.30.19 - in the face of sexual temptation, repression is a sure-fire failure

I want to suggest that Christian asceticism, ancient though it is, offers a way forward. It uniquely treats God as the end, not the means, of desire.

4.3.19 - “gay” vs. “Same-Sex Attraction”: A Dialogue

Last month I was invited to have a public conversation with my friend Greg Coles about a very sensitive topic: whether or not someone should call themselves a “gay” or “queer” Christian.

1.25.19 - Does She spark joy? Sorting Marie Kondo

What then is a proper response for a Christian? Kondo is meeting a real need, a true problem some of us (though certainly not all) have. Perhaps we can see past the magnetic Marie towards a gospel solution.

12.15.18 - review deyoung on the 10 commandments

Quick, can you name the 10 Commandments? Why does it matter, what does Sinai have to do with us?

12.6.18 - how to love our transgender neighbors

How can we begin to understand what coming to Christ would look like for someone who identifies as transgender, or for someone who identifies as genderqueer?

10.26.18 - learn the bible’s story to understand your own

As Christians we know that the Scriptures start at the beginning of creation and wrap up when Christ comes again. What do we imagine when we picture that coming day? What would be the consequences of letting that future soak our present?

10.16.18 - i found hope in my husband’s chronic illness

Disability changed our family. It also brought us closer to these three Christian truths.

10.01.18 - review: Aimee byrd why can’t we be friends?

If avoidance isn’t purity, what is? In a culture saturated with both sexual liberty and sexual misconduct, Christians long for a better way forward. Yet some of us wonder if our solutions haven’t merely triggered other problems.

8.21.18 - is the joy of the lord your strength?

Is the joy of the Lord your strength?

This question can be difficult to answer — all of the words are so simple and familiar to Christians, yet the statement can get lost in a fog of ambiguity. Failure or lack of faith can be the very thing that forces us to squarely confront this question. In that confrontation, where can we turn for help?

8.6.18 - when god's rules don't make sense

In each age there are some aspects of God’s law that fit comfortably with a given culture, but others that look to be flat wrong. Can we trust God, invisible and mysterious, over what is plain to see? Over what intuitively feels right? Over what seems senseless?

Why would we want to?

7.24.18 - with sexual sin, truth and mercy triumph over judgment

I was once the person receiving a hard word; now I’m the one giving it.

7.20.18 - david foster wallace and worship in the #Metoo world

As different streams of reckoning flow over the cultural landscape, leaving no topography untouched, we especially need to look to our own house

6.23.18- Embracing our transgender neighbors on God's Terms

What does the Bible have to say about living life in a gender-nonconforming way? What can faithfulness to Christ look like for a person who desires—who might even say needs—to live such a life?

Into this infant conversation comes Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians, by Austen Hartke.

6.8.18- podcast with hole in my heart ministries

I was honored to be the guest of Hole In My Heart Ministries Podcast, on Episode 40: The Thing About Temptation. HIMH's mission is to equip Jesus-followers with a gospel-centered approach to sexuality, and it is headed by the fabulous Laurie Krieg.

6.5.18 - I left same-sex romance for love

If giving free rein to my desires was the key to life, why had it only sometimes brought me happiness? Just as often, I reaped mediocrity or pain. Contrary to what I believed, pursuing my natural desires did not create fulfillment, nor were my desires fully trustworthy just because they were, and are, “real.”

5.21.18 - review: in his image

Jen Wilkin knows God's will for your life. Review of her new book In His Image at The Gospel Coalition.

4.30.18 - Review: The Gospel Comes with a House Key

This is no mere hospitality volume, this is a practical theology of discipleship. Was this a product of mis-marketing?

Or, more likely, have we been catechized into a faulty vision of hospitality?

3.14.18 - review: Why He Doesn't call himself gay

I’m a Christian woman who experiences same-sex attraction. Should I call myself a lesbian?

In his new book Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace, Daniel Mattson would argue “no.”

2.28.18 - Grace and Peace from an anarchist pacifist

If Norton has this all figured out, why do we even need the gospel? Perhaps we should all sign up to be anarchist pacifists!

2.7.18 - A Surprising Liberation

“What surprised me was that confession wasn’t humiliating—it was liberating.”

1.31.18 - How to be a safe space for the same-sex attracted (The Gospel Coalition)

How, then, do we create an environment in our churches, small groups, and families where we can even have this conversation, where Lily can share her struggle without fear?

Here are three places to start.

1.15.18 - Review: Sex in a broken world

As someone who has struggled significantly with sexual sin—particularly in my early years as a Christian—this is how I would have felt after reading Paul Tripp’s latest book, Sex in a Broken World: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts.


12.30.17 - A Resolution for redemption

I don’t need to dig down deep and make myself new. I don’t need more stuff. I need to breathe in and welcome my redemption, to stop and speak with my Father who loves me.


12.14.17 - Two Marvelous truths help me say no to sexual sin

A follow-up to my testimony, I reflect on how to say no to temptation, specifically through the lens of same-sex attraction.

12.13.17 - book review: all but invisible
(the gospel coalition)

A joint review with Ed Shaw of Nate Collins's All But Invisible.


12.11.17 - They Both Lead to Fire

What if the choice isn’t between fire and no fire, but rather between types of burning?


12.4.17 - Shadow Catcher

Missionary, in some circles, is like a curse word. It represents the very worst of colonization, the impulse to vacuum up “pagan” cultures and replace them with what the colonizer has deemed proper.


11.29.17 - Hurricane 

When the water comes, you don’t think in inches. You think in furniture, in body parts, in whole buildings. It starts walking up the steps, swallowing to the waist, to the neck, drowning the neighbor’s home to the roof.


11.24.17 - Original Diversity

But diversity isn’t something that God is waiting to institute, a final act to show his benevolence. Diversity has been a priority for God from act one.


11.19.17 - Guest Post: Love Without Boundaries
(by dr. greg nelson)

But what I most want to share with you today are thoughts on the greatest and most guarded of boundaries—the self.


11.14.17 - book review: Gospel in the Bardo 

In this year’s Booker Prize winning novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders spins an unusual ghost story—a historical fiction that exhumes these questions with pathos and humor. A ghost love story. It is one of the strangest novels I have ever read, and I loved it.


11.9.17 - Boasting

Recognizing boasting is a little like the old definition of pornography: you know it when you see it.


11.4.17 - Embracing the Dark Dark

She presses us to acknowledge that sometimes the most universal story is expressed in the specifics of exquisite loss.


10.30.17 book Review: A Better Story

But what if our cultural moment isn’t a death knell, but a trumpet call to something new?


10.25.17 - One City One Story

Have you ever felt hopeless in communicating God’s love? Have you ever hit a barrier of apathy or antagonism and stopped dead?


10.20.17 - New Yorker Fiction on How to Save Your Marriage

Why do happy people cheat?  In this month's Atlantic, Esther Perel argues that cheating is not so much an abandonment of the partner, but of our inauthentic selves.


10.15.17 - Our Perfectly Human Hero

But what if the opposite is actually true: that Jesus came to earth fully humanly frail, because that was the only way to save us?


10.11.17 - National Coming Out Day

Our ability to stay with God in our closet measures our ability to stay with God out of the closet.


10.5.17 - Proust on the Surprising Threat to Real Self 

This assertion of the private, sealed off, individual thought-life as truly real is as old as time. It is found in the most venerated of intellectual heritages. But it is profoundly un-Christlike.


10.1.17 - The Cross as Perversion

Let’s not lie to ourselves. It is not impossible to give the core of ourselves to something else—it is impossible not to.


9.25.17 - Israel’s Labor, God’s Delivery

The passage concludes with God producing birth without labor, in strong contrast to his people.


9.20.17 - i never became straight. perhaps that was never god's goal. 
(in christianity today)

Why I embraced the Bible's sexual ethic, before I understood it. 


9.20.17 - God and the Transgender Debate

It is only in the last year that I’ve turned my attention to issues around transgenderism. In this respect, I’m like Evangelicalism in general: we are woefully behind on the T in LGBT, and I regret it.


9.15.17 - book review: Sapiens

Harari traces our species from our differentiation from ancestral primates up until today, all in just over 400 pages. His theories and observations were interesting, bold, over-generalized and certainly prone to exaggeration.


9.10.17 book review: Single, Gay, Christian

I eagerly read Gregory Coles’s Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity as soon as I received it. In some respects, Coles and I have a lot in common: we’re both Christians who have a same-sex orientation but believe that we honor Jesus best by denying that desire.


9.5.17 - book review: The Sellout

I don’t think I’ve ever been as uncomfortable enjoying a book as I was while reading Paul Beatty’s 2016 Booker Prize winning novel The Sellout.


8.31.17 Who is Rest?

Peace is a person; let’s befriend him, and introduce him.


8.26.17 - What is Rest?

The Sabbath to me is a is a place to taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:7). Can God be trusted to take care of me?


8.21.17 - Waterless Places

Twice in the gospels, Jesus tells a story about a spirit, banished from a person, who wanders waterless places, and then returns to its previous host with seven other spirits even more evil. This parable had always perplexed me.


8.16.17 - Tegan and Sara and Me 

Tegan and Sara’s masterpiece, The Con, debuted on July 24, 2007, less than a month before I said my marriage vows.  Its beauty was the soundtrack of the life I’d said yes to. Which is ironic, when you consider that the album’s opening track and one of my favorites, “I Was Married,” specifically celebrates the life I had said no to.


8.11.17 - Interesting and Fun

We will assess the success of our lives in accordance not with whether they were righteous, but whether they were interesting and fun.


8.6.17 - Christendom Kills

Halford and Hatmaker have adult faiths that have changed emphases, but ultimately mimic their childhood faiths. Both stages of faith affirmed where the Bible agreed with cultural priorities and dismissed or reinterpreted the culturally gauche parts.


8.1.17 - Warfield and Hatmaker

If you have the truth of Jesus without the way of Jesus, you get fundamentalism. If you have the way of Jesus without the truth of Jesus, you get liberalism. We need the way of Jesus and the truth of Jesus together.


7.27.17 - Abel’s Evangelical Offering

So, how are we to evaluate if any particular “offering” is good or not? Should we evaluate it? Is showing up enough, is sincerity enough? Lifting our hands, thanking God…this is good, right?


7.22.17 - The Surprising Wisdom of God

To be in relationship with Jesus is not drudgery, it is to have intimate access to, and the intimate affection of, the one who knows all things about your life, and about the world you live in. It is to draw near to the one who is never confused, or unsure, or misguided.


7.18.17 - book Review: Pennington’s Heaven and Earth

The thrust of the work makes a bold claim: that the Matthean phrase “kingdom of heaven” has been misunderstood and misrepresented for over 100 years.